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Cut Golf Balls Review

This is my official Review of Cut Golf Balls after using them for many rounds of golf now.

I even gave them to my friends while we played and they all shared their opinion with me. 

I also wanted to know how they would compare to Pro V1’s so I set them up with a launch monitor to see the stats.

Cut Golf Balls Review
Cut Golf Balls – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Cut Golf sells 5 different balls, 3 of which have urethane covers at a significantly lower price point, yet keep the performance at tour level.

  • ✅  Pros Tour Performance golf balls that are durable and offer their best price on first dozen.

  • ⛔  Cons Brighter white paint and lack of color coded labels..

  • ⛳  Verdict If you want a tour quality ball for half the price, Cut Golf Balls should be your first choice.

What ball plays like a ProV1 but costs 1/2 as much? There are a number of golf balls that fit into that category now. It wasn’t too long ago there were no options, now there are a few companies that are taking on the golf ball industry by producing a similar quality tour ball, but offering it to the consumer at a lower price point. How is that possible? Is the ball as good? If you don’t spend millions of dollars on marketing, research and middlemen, you can significantly reduce the cost of golf balls without compromising on quality. Cut Golf did exactly that. They sell 4 different golf balls, 2 of them with urethane covers at a significantly lower price point, yet keep the performance at tour level.
Cut Golf has gained a significant online following for their golf balls.  The Blue is 4 piece tour level ball and the Grey is a 3 piece tour level ball, both with urethane covers. They do offer surlyn covers on their white and red model golf balls.  I spent my time with the Blue and Grey models because that really is the “million dollar question”; Can a $20/dozen golf ball keep up with my $50/dozen ball.  The simple answer is yes.  Below you will get some details of that answer.
Cut Golf Blue and Grey Balls
Cut Golf sells their balls direct to consumer so don’t go looking for them at your local golf store or pro shop, you will need to go online to order them. This is quite common with the new wave of brands such as Vice Golf Balls. This alone saves significant costs because there doesn’t need to be a wholesale price vs msrp price. Everything is direct to consumer. While Cut Golf does some R&D, they don’t do it at the molecular level like other companies, they simply go with open designs that they can use.  Again this is costs savings without losing performance.  One big plus of buying Cut Golf Balls is that they get your tour level balls at $20 for the first dozen, not only if you buy 5 or 6 dozen.


With an injury preventing me from swinging a club, I recruited the help of a young man who has a tour level swing. The results of the Driver and 7 iron testing were very interesting. Every Cut Golf Ball stood up to and in some cases beat the Titleist Pro V1 for ball speed. This alone doesn’t put a golf ball to the top of an award list, but it certainly helps to draw comparisons with the more expensive Titleist Pro V1 ball.

Cut Grey with Driver

Ball Speed: 172.8 mph

 Launch Angle: 12.0*

Spin Rate: 1954 mph

 Carry Distance: 294.0 yds

 Total Distance: 324.8 yds

Cut Blue with Driver

Ball Speed: 171.7 mph

 Launch Angle: 12.4*

Spin Rate: 2098 mph

 Carry Distance: 292.4 yds

 Total Distance: 321.3 yds

Cut Blue DC with Driver

Ball Speed: 174.0 mph

 Launch Angle: 12.6*

Spin Rate: 2348 mph

 Carry Distance: 301.9 yds

 Total Distance: 323.8 yds

Titleist Pro V1 with Driver

Ball Speed: 170.5 mph

 Launch Angle: 12.2*

Spin Rate: 1849 mph

 Carry Distance: 289.4 yds

 Total Distance: 319.8 yds

Now here are the stats of all the Cut Golf Balls vs Titleist Pro V1 with a 7 Iron:

Cut Grey with 7 Iron

Ball Speed: 134.1 mph

 Launch Angle: 16.3*

Spin Rate: 4625 mph

 Carry Distance: 202.9 yds

 Total Distance: 213.1 yds

Cut Blue with 7 Iron

Ball Speed: 136.7 mph

 Launch Angle: 16.6*

Spin Rate: 5464 mph

 Carry Distance: 200.3 yds

 Total Distance: 207.2 yds

Cut Blue DC with 7 Iron

Ball Speed: 137.8 mph

 Launch Angle: 16.2*

Spin Rate: 5518 mph

 Carry Distance: 201.7 yds

 Total Distance: 208.6 yds

Titleist Pro V1 with 7 Iron

Ball Speed: 135.5 mph

 Launch Angle: 16.4*

Spin Rate: 5649 mph

 Carry Distance: 200.1 yds

 Total Distance: 206.9 yds


I was lucky enough to get a round under my winter belt a few weeks ago and put Cut to the test. I really liked the Cut Grey after hitting each model for several holes each. For my taste, the Grey had the least movement in flight of the three models, however all of them had what I felt was the same green side control. The first place I want to know where a ball performs is on and around the green. I spent about 30 min with them at the practice green. Playing with co-workers, I asked them to play the Cut balls and see what they think. I got feedback about each golf ball and everyone had the same comment – “These are really good.”

I also played them here in AZ for multiple rounds and found them to keep up with any other tour balls on the market.  I literally drove the ball less than a yard difference and hit approach shots so similar I couldn’t tell them apart until I stood directly over the ball and saw the logo.  They have good feel, about the same as anything else on the market, maybe just a touch firmer.
Think ProV1 X for the Blue and ProV1 for the Grey.  The Blue is slightly firmer and longer, while the Grey is softer and spins a little more.


Cut Golf Balls are slightly different than other tour balls in their aesthetics.  The white paint they use is a brighter white than typically associated with Tour level balls.  I read a study that suggests our eyes tell our brains that a slightly dull white golf ball is better than a bright white one.  So be aware they do look slightly brighter.  I also would have liked to have seen the logos on the ball more representative of the model name.  I worked with the Blue and Grey models and they both look exactly the same except for a 3u or 4u on the side stripe.  It seems like it would be easy to color code them.


Cut claims they make; “The Best Damn Golf Ball Under $20”.  I have little to argue with that claim.  If you want a tour quality ball at 1/2 the price associated with them, Cut Golf Balls should be your first choice.  Its relatively simple, go to Amazon or to Cut Golf and order as many dozens as you need at $20/dozen.  You can Cut out the middle man for your Tour level balls.

See on Amazon here

For more information:

Quick Hits

➕ Great Feel
➕ Tour Performance
➕ Durable
➕ Best price on first dozen

➖ Brighter white
➖ Lack of color coded labels


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