FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor Shaft Review

Revolutionary Technology That Increases Speed While Maintaining Accuracy

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I installed the FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor Shaft in my Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver.  I played 7 on-course rounds of golf and tested it in the iGR Office by Carl’s Place Golf.  FreeFlex is a new shaft company that is pushing the boundaries of lightweight golf shafts.  This super flexible, super lightweight shaft is designed to increase speed while maintaining accuracy.

This is the definitive FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor Shaft Review for 2023.


FreeFlex claims to have cracked the code of lightweight and flexibility while maintaining accuracy.  If you’ve ever done a club fitting or shaft testing you probably have experienced the trade off of accuracy for distance.  The more flexible the shaft, the more distance/speed we can create, but usually at the expense of fairways. So we go stiffer to keep control of the club head.  The revolutionary technology of FreeFlex creates a low torque shaft that is very lightweight, very flexible and yet very accurate.  Does it deliver on those promises?  Keep reading to find out. 


The FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor Shaft is the most unique looking shaft on the market.  It is also one of a kind as none of the Watercolor patterns are the same.  While it is unique, it isn’t obnoxious or so loud that you might be embarrassed swinging it, but it get compliments on the course.  If you want to have a tame look, they offer matte or glossy carbon blue.   The FleexFlex name is on the shaft in block print and some subtle notes about the shaft model and parent company are included.  It is all done in a clean and classy way.  It also comes painted with a spine marking for easy installation.  The Watercolor shaft is the best looking shaft on the market in my opinion.


The FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor shaft has one of the most unique feels of a golf shaft too.  As someone who swings a stiff flex shaft, the FreeFlex feels like a senior flex.  The waggle test would say there is no way that this shaft is stiff enough for a 105mph swing. This is where the revolutionary technology comes in because when you swing the shaft it has incredible feel that doesn’t match the waggle.  The lower torque keeps the feel “normal” so that it feels balanced and stable.  You really feel like you can “swing for the fences” with this shaft.  It is unique, but incredibly smooth and the kick is amazing.


The on-course/simulator results of the FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor Shaft back up their claims that something this lightweight, this flexible can still be accurate.  There is a little learning curve with this shaft because it is different.  It seemed that everyone I played with wanted to give it a test swing.  They would waggle the club, express some doubtful giggles and then proceed to hit a decent shot with it; walking away with a stunned look on their face.  I found that after a few swings your timing naturally syncs up with the unique feel and weight of the shaft.  (It actually threw me for a loop when I went back to hitting conventional weight/flex shafts) 

Essentially everything they market is true.  It raised the launch, reduced the spin and went straight.  I found a slight increase in speed too, but only after I found confidence in the shaft.  When I was tentative with it, my speed showed it.  You won’t break it, and it won’t snap hook every shot; you can swing with confidence and it will launch that ball.


The FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor shaft comes with a hefty price tag of $650.  However it delivers on its promises.  It is also the coolest looking shaft you can buy that is one of a kind.  If you want to increase launch and speed, while reducing spin and retaining accuracy, this shaft is the real deal.  While there is a learning curve to hitting it, one range session will have you believing in this revolutionary technology; super lightweight, super flexible and yet accurate.

Here more information: FreeFlex Golf Shafts

FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor Shaft – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: FreeFlex is a "new comer" in shaft world by Special Joy. They raised the bar with revolutionary technology that reduces weight, increases flex while maintaining accuracy. They have 2 options: 38gram and 45 grams shafts.

  • ✅  Pros: Extremely flexible, very lightweight, Low spin, High launch, Unbelievable feel, Best graphics, Surprisingly accurate.

  • ⛔  Cons: One of the more expensive aftermarket shafts, Learning curve.

  • ⛳  Verdict: FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor delivers on its promises: very lightweight, very flexible and yet stable, high launch, low spin with accuracy. Once you get confident, your swing speed will probably increase too. While it isn't cheap to take the dive into this revolutionary technology; it delivers on its promises.


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