Srixon Z585 Irons Review

Distance Irons Without Sacrificing Feel or Looks

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Srixon Z585 Irons Review

This is my official review of the Srixon Z585 Irons.

I typically use the Srixon Z700 Series irons but lately have been using these Z585 Irons. 

These are my complete thoughts on the performance and my experience with these irons!

Srixon Z585 Irons Review
Srixon Z585 Irons – Overview
Everyone loves hitting the ball longer.  It really doesn’t matter who you are or how well you already play golf, hitting the ball farther is just plain fun.  It sounds great to say I hit my 9 iron 160 yards, or I can carry my 4-iron over 200 yards.  We know that irons are about precision, but we still want to hit them far.  We really want it all, long hitting irons, but yet ones that look like a players club and feel like butter.  The Srixon Z585 irons are as close to that as you can find.  They hit the ball a long ways, yet still feel amazing and look pretty darn good.
While I have always been a Srixon Z700 series iron player, I’ve heard good things about the Z500 series irons and wanted to give them a try to see if I would enjoy them in the bag.  For this year, I decided to make a combo set with the Z585 irons in the long irons, the Z785 irons in the mid irons (Z785 Irons review here) and the Z Forged for the short irons (Z Forged review here).  This way I could move my way through the bag from most forgiving to most scoring biased clubs.  They all play with the Nippon Pro Modus3 120 stiff flex shaft.  This super smooth feeling shaft paired with the forged heads is fantastic.

I dropped the Srixon Z585 4-iron and 5-iron in the bag for my recent rounds.  I’ve played enough golf and tested enough clubs to have my yardages dialed in for every iron.  I hit a 4iron 195 yards and a 5-iron 185 yards.  The first swing with the Srixon 5-iron went 195 yards.  I wasn’t sure if this was a fluke or the new norm.  My second hit with these irons was a 4-iron.  I flew that club over 200 yards.  I was noticing a trend that was no fluke.  These club are longer!  It didn’t take any extra effort or harder swing, just normal swings and contact and boom, 1 full club longer.  As I transitioned to the Z785 6-iron I didn’t have a weird gap, since it too was just a touch longer so it split the difference and the combo set was working perfectly.

The Srixon Z585 irons are certainly longer, but their feel is buttery smooth like the other Srixon forged irons.  I was actually impressed with how solid they feel for a cavity back iron.  There is no hollow feeling at impact, but solid metal pushes through the ball.  This feedback is vital to hitting good shots repeatedly.  Obviously the sweet spot is bigger on these irons so there is additional forgiveness for long shots.  The margin for error needs to be even less on the long irons and I’ve been impressed with how straight these irons hit.  I know I don’t hit every shot perfectly, but these certainly had me thinking I hit every long iron better than normal.

The Srixon Z585 irons have the V.T.-sole that I have raved about in every Srixon iron review that I have ever written.  It really works for excellent turf interaction.  I find their continual tweaking of this feature makes it softer and more playable.  The wider sole of the Z585 irons makes this sole even more valuable to me.  I can’t play thick soled irons, they simply don’t interact with the turf properly, but the V.T.-sole minimized that turf interaction so I can still get solid contact shot after shot.

The Srixon Z585 irons have great looks.  While I know that isn’t performance, but it certainly builds confidence to have nice looking clubs in the bag.  They are just a little bigger, a little more offset and have an undercut sole, but still have a clean forged look.  The lack of color is nice too, I don’t really need lots of color or badges on my irons, the cleaner the better.  The top line is thin enough that you don’t feel like you have shovels in your hands, but yet they offer all the forgiveness and benefits of a game improvement club.

Srixon Z585 5 Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 4977 rpms

 Launch Angle: 19.5*

 Club Head Speed: 92.8 mph

Dispersion: 3.4 yds

 Ball Speed: 124.2 mph

 Total Distance: 197.2 yds

 Carry Distance: 186.2 yds


The Srixon Z series irons are outstanding from top to bottom.  I think you play the set that fits your needs best.  If distance is a need of your irons play, the Z585 irons are the best you can get without sacrificing any feel or looks.  I’m really digging the combo set I have created for the best of all Srixon irons.  Distance, looks and feel are what the Srixon Z585 irons are made of.

Available on Amazon here.

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Quick Hits

➕ Easy to hit
➕ Great looks
➕ Very forgiving
➕ V.T.-sole works for turf interaction
➕ Soft forged feel
➕ Makes for a great combo set too


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