The Draw Board Training Aid Review

Is This Finally the Cure for the Dreaded Slice?


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I hit shots off The Draw Board in the iGolfReviews Office by Carl’s Place DIY Golf Simulators.  The slanted 2-turf training aid is designed to help cure the dreaded slice.  The physical and visual cues will help train a proper swing path needed to hit a draw instead of a slice.  Did it work?   

This is the definitive The Draw Board Training Aid Review for 2024.


Swing Path Stripe

The Outside-In swing path is what causes the majority of slices.  When the club face cuts across the ball, it forces spin to make the ball move from left to right.  It is the ball flight of the majority of amateurs.  It is hated by all unless it is a dogleg right and the slice did what it normally does.  Getting the club to go Inside-Out is the key to hitting a draw.  There are numerous tools out there designed to help ingrain that motion.  The Draw Board does that with a visual white turf stripe.  This is to re-enforce the correct club path.  But can you connect the visual cues to the physical requirements?

Elevated Turf

The Draw Board comes with 3 foam wedges designed to elevate the turf so that it looks and feels like a lie above your feet.  If you’ve ever hit off a hill on the course only to see your typical slice become a draw it is because of the necessity to flatten your swing on a hill often makes the path go Inside-Out.  You can use the wedges to make it extreme at 3.5″ or closer to level at 1.5″.  The lift certainly helps, but I suggest sticking to irons on the highest level.  The rubber tee holder works great for irons shots, but if you put a tee in it the ball now sits so much higher than normal, I found it very uncomfortable with driver.   The fear of skying the ball was very real and not helpful in training.  I only used The Draw Board flat for driver.  Irons however it felt normal no matter which foam wedges I used since many on-course shots are off elevated lies.  The wedges were easy to change from the velcro attach points.


The Draw Board doesn’t fit in my golf bag which means I’m not using it prior to my round as a warm-up tool.  It remains in the office for training sessions.  I think it works best on slower, more exaggerated swings.  On full speed swings it is hard to gauge the effectiveness of the swing path turf vs. elevation.  It also creates a false sense of ball above your feet, but once you take The Draw Board away the ball is flat, almost feeling far away.  However if you are dedicated to getting rid of your slice, this can help train your swing to go Inside-Out. There are short videos that you can watch to make the best use of the Draw Board.  The tips they offer online for hitting a draw are solid too:

  • Stance: Position your feet, hips, and shoulders slightly to the right of the target (for right-handed players).
  • Grip: Strengthen your grip slightly by turning both hands to the right on the club handle.
  • Clubface: Ensure the clubface is slightly closed to the path but open to the target at impact.
  • Swing Path: Focus on swinging the club more in-to-out regarding the target line.
  • Practice: Regular practice with these adjustments is key to consistently hitting a draw.


Make 2024 the year of a better swing.  If a slice is plaguing your game, The Draw Board might be the solution.  It is going to take time and dedication.  If you can train your swing to go Inside-Out you will be well on your way to hitting beautiful draws. It is a right-hand only training aid.  It seems durable after taking hundreds of hits, seems to be still like new.  It doesn’t do much just into a net, it require a launch monitor or range to visually know if you are hitting draws or not.  It is kind of a one trick pony so if the biggest problem you have is a slice, then this will help, but only that.  There is a change The Draw Board will cure your slice, but it is going to take some dedication and practice to get there using it.  

For More Information: Golf Training Aids Website

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