REVIEW: Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Titleist Designed a Ball Just for Me
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could walk into Titleist (or any golf ball company) and have them make the perfect golf ball for your game? There are a few PGA pros that get that privilege, but most of us have to go through some trial and error to find a ball that fits just right. But when we do find that ball, it changes everything. We play better, we score better, we know exactly what to buy when we need to replenish our stock. For some this fitting process takes a less than scientific approach; but simply buying whatever is popular, whatever name brand we believe in, or whatever is on sale isn’t helping your game. Titleist has a fitting tool on their website that can help you get the best selection from their balls. I did that and it came up with AVX. After playing multiple rounds with the new AVX, they were spot on, I actually think they designed this ball just for me.
While some golfers will tee up any ol’ golf ball; playing the proper ball really does make a difference.  You might not see it the first round, but over time; consistency, predictability and ideal performance will lower your scores.  This is still an area that many golfers don’t take advantage of the tools at their disposal: online fittings, shop fittings, course fittings and sample packs.  You need to narrow down your ball to the best one for your game if you want to play better.  I did the online fitting and it spit out Titleist AVX as the best ball for my game.  It is a 9 question survey that will take into account what ball your currently play and then what you want the ball to do.  It crunches all that data and give you a recommended ball and an alternative ball.  You can get it in white or yellow depending on your preference.
Next step is to put the online fitting to the test and get the ball on the course.  The Titleist AVX is billed as an extremely soft distance ball with higher spin for short game stopping power.  That really is what I want.  I want to crush long drives, but still stop the ball on the green.  This is a great AZ combo for hard turf.   Maximizing distance off the tee is always a big bonus; everyone loves the long ball, but attacking pins on firm greens is vital to scoring.  I’ve played the Titleist AVX now for at least a half dozen rounds and my stats look amazing.  Consistency and low scores have really made me happy I had the AVX in the bag.
The Titleist AVX is low spinning and low launching off the tee.  I’m always trying to fight spin and launch off the tee.  I don’t need some crazy specs, but “low” works best for me to maximize distance.  I’ve hit monster drives with the AVX in the bag; kind of sneaky long.  There have been a few times I felt like it was a good drive, but it rolled out to be an awesome drive.  I couldn’t believe how many drives cracked the 300 yard mark.  But honestly the next shot is really the most important shot in golf.  If my approach shots don’t stay close to the pin, it makes scoring difficult.  The higher spin off irons and wedges really helps attack pins with boldness.  I feel like I can play the number and go straight at pins.  The ball will hop, stop and even sometimes draw back a little.  It isn’t crazy spin, but just the right amount.

The Titleist AVX is also one of the softest feeling premium balls you can play.  While I know the claim that “soft is slow”, but Titleist has tricked my brain into feeling the softness of the ball, yet keeping  the performance at high speeds for me.   I love how it feels off the putter on the greens.  It isn’t mush, but the gentleness at impact is evident.   It has a consistency that I absolutely love on the greens.  I know exactly what it is going to do and have had excellent distance control.  Feel on the green does impact how you putt.  While a robot test won’t adjust for feel, your brain does.

The Titleist AVX was made just for me (OK not really) and it might just benefit your game too.  Try the Titleist online ball fitting tool to see what ball is best for your game, it might just suggest the AVX like it did for me.  Then give it an on-course test to see if the results match the suggestion.  For me it was a perfect fit.  I am a Titleist AVX player.

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Quick Hits:
+New formula for better performance
+LONG off the tee
+Low spin and launch
+Higher spin wedge shots
+Amazing soft feel
+Consistency and accuracy for better scores