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Wilson Duo Soft Ball Review

This is my Wilson Duo Soft Review after using these golf balls for a few weeks.

I have been reviewing golf products for over 10 years now. 

These are my thoughts and opinions on the Duo Soft Golf balls and how they compare to other options in the same price range.

I used both the Optix and regular white balls.

Wilson Duo Soft Ball Review
  • ℹ️  About You can instantly tell with a bounce test or hitting any club, these are the softest ball you will hit.

  • ✅  Pros Super soft feel with many color options, low spin of my driver and excellent in low temperatures.

  • ⛔  Cons No tour level spin off wedges..

  • ⛳  Verdict These golf balls feel unlike any other ball, perform very well and look super cool. These will make any club feel awesome and will be a solid performer for the price.


Everyone always talks about how great forged blades feel at impact, or how hot a driver feels pounding a ball down the fairway. Now you can make every club no matter if it is cast super game improvement iron or blades forged by the hands of a craftsman, they will all feel amazing with the Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls. In addition to the amazing feel, Wilson added the Optix line which is a bright matte finish. These fun colors paired with amazing feel make these an enjoyable ball to play. Amazing feel that doesn’t compromise on performance is what you can expect with the new Wilson Duo Soft/Optix Golf balls.

I’m a big fan of Matte finishes. (I even custom ordered my car with a matte black finish)  The Wilson Duo Optix matte finish is right up my alley.  They offer yellow, orange, pink, red, lime and white.  I played the yellow, orange and white  for a number of rounds.  I have to admit, the matte white was my favorite.  I see it is labeled as a “ladies” ball, but I didn’t see any difference in performance compared to the other golf balls.  The matte yellow and orange are strikingly bright, and even in the desert browns and yellows, they seemed to really pop.  The matte has a glow even without the sheen of a regular glossy finish.
These Wilson Duo Soft balls comes in at a marshmallow compression of 29.  It isn’t like any other golf ball on the market.  There are a few companies copying Wilson super soft compression, yet non have really matched the feel of these.   You can instantly tell with a bounce test or hitting any club in the bag, they are the softest ball you will hit. These golf balls are soft. Another popular use of a ball like this is when the temperature drops.  While I now live in AZ, the early morning rounds can start in the 40s.  These are perfect for cooler weather since they don’t feel like hitting a cold rock.
Wilson Duo Soft/Optix Golf Balls

The Wilson Duo Soft/Optix will not be confused with a tour ball, but will certainly hold its own.  The main benefit that amateur golfers will find playing this ball is the tee-shot.  The Duo Soft/Optix is very low spin off the driver.  This means long and straight drives that won’t balloon.  So for many golfers that slice the ball off the tee, these will help you hit a little straighter and a little longer.  They are fairly low launching too so you can expect good roll in the fairway also.  Iron shots feel incredible and also fly pretty straight.  If you compress you irons hard, these won’t be the longest ball off the irons, but for a slower swing speed these will really pop, probably even adding a couple yards.  Around the greens they feel amazing off the wedge with moderate spin.  They won’t drop and stop like a urethane cover, but won’t roll all the way across the green either.  I played on some fairly soft greens with these and they held the greens nicely off the wedges.   Off the putter it kind of depended on how long of a putt it was.  The longer the putt, the softer the feel as it engages the soft core more.


The Wilson Duo Soft/Optix Golf Balls feel unlike any other ball, perform very well and look super cool.  While not tour balls, they aren’t tour ball prices either.  My favorite was actually the Ladies matte white Duo Soft golf ball.  If you want a fun golf ball that might actually perform better for slower swing speeds and feels amazing, the Wilson Duo Soft/Optix is for you. Also check out my Wilson Duo Professional Golf Balls review.  These will make any club feel awesome and will be a solid performer for the price.

Available online from Amazon

For more information:  www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/balls

Quick Hits

➕ Super soft feel
➕ Matte cover is cool looking
➕ Many color options
➕ Low spin off driver
➕ Great for slower swing speeds
➕ Excellent in cold weather

➖ No tour level spin off wedges


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