Review: Wilson DUO Urethane Golf Balls

"The World's Softest Tour Ball"

I’ve been looking forward to testing out the new Wilson Staff DUO Urethane golf balls since they scheduled to hit the market. I was pleased with the DUO Spin ball from last year and wondered how Wilson could move forward on golf balls. Wilson claims “The new Wilson Staff DUO Urethane is the World’s Softest Urethane Ball at 55 compression. This ball rounds out the DUO family by offering the softest feel for the better player, while guaranteeing maximum distance off the tee and best-in-class spin performance around the green.”

 The big story with the Wilson DUO Urethane is the feel.  Wilson claims this ball is the softest and they aren’t lying. The feel is very soft on all shots and with every club. Of course the low compression has a lot to do with the feel, this ball is even softer than just about any golf ball I can remember.

While typically a golf ball is a golf ball in terms of looks, I did like how the name is easy to read and not in a font size I would need to use reading glasses to identify. For comparison you can read our Wilson Staff Duo Soft and Optix Review.

This is where the rubber meets the road for me.  I can get by if something doesn’t top my list in Looks and Feel, but it has to top the list in Performance.  First, I noticed a much lower ball flight than I was used too from a tour spin ball off the driver. This was very appealing for me because I like a lower ball flight and can’t find a tour caliber ball that will deliver. This helps a lot in windy conditions. I did not notice this lower flight as much with the irons, but it was back again with the wedges. It yielded better than average distance on tee shots, but nothing different for iron shots. The spin was very good on wedges or iron shots into the green, almost too much spin. The only hang up I would have playing this ball full time is finding the right putter to use with it. The only downside I had with this ball was it was very difficult to putt with. Either I was very short or way past the hole trying to putt with the DUO Urethane. I think the low compression has something to do with this, but I can only guess because there isn’t data to prove this.

While some tour balls kind of all feel and act the same, the Wilson DUO Urethane gives you something very different.  It is by far the softest tour ball you can buy.  It offers great performance and a good price point.  Give this ball a look if you want something different, yet still great tour ball performance.

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Quick Hits:
+ A distance ball that performs like a tour ball
+ Very soft feel
+ Great ball flight for windy conditions or high ball hitters
+ Tour spin as advertised for great control around the green
– Had difficulty adjusting to putting with this ball