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Honma T//World W21 Wedges Review

These Wedges Bring the RPMS

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Ryan Heiman
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I played the Honma T//World W21 Wedges for 7 rounds of golf.  They offer great all-around performance, but really shine in the spin category.  If RPMs are are needed in your wedge game, check these out.     

This is the definitive Honma T//World W21 Wedge Review for 2022.

Spin is the name of the game; Right?  Since the rules change like a decade ago, wedges have regulations limiting the type of grooves and the amount of spin a wedge can have.  At first it was a major change, but quickly everyone adjusted and few remember the “cover shredding” days.  However, still today, generating as much spin as possible benefits most golfers wedge game, especially on less than full shots.  The newest Honma T//World W21 wedge imparts some of the highest spin numbers I’ve seen in new wedges.

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Grooves tend to be the name of the game when it comes to spin.  Sharp, deep and some additional rough surface is normally what manufactures rely on for spin.  The Honma T//World W21 wedge has a “proprietary CNC Milling process.  While I don’t know exactly what that means, I can tell you these wedge SPIN.  Another component of spin is CG.  Proper CG placement will also help generate spin.  Sometimes you hear it called “gear affect” when talked about with drivers, but the same principles apply to wedges.  Get the CG in the right place and it aids spin.  Honma raised the weight higher on the toe which, the way I think about it, creates more downward momentum of the grooves thus generating more backspin.

The Honma T//World W21 wedges have a unique shape that is very “blade” like in appearance, but some creative weight moves.  The toe has an aluminum insert to move the CG as mentioned above and the high toe part of the wedge is thick, yet beveled in a way that makes it look thin.  The muscle part behind the ball is beefy for deep weight under/behind the ball at impact.

The Honma T//World W21 wedges have a compact shape behind the ball.  With a fairly straight transition from hosel to leading edge, I find it aesthetically pleasing at address.  The moderate toe and squarish shape is nice to look at.  The chrome finish is bright, but like all chrome wedges, the brushed groove area reduces and glare.   I also like how the grind on these wedge has the sole sitting square and tight to the turf which also gives confidence to the short game.
I went 50/54/58 in the Honma T//World W21 wedges.  These are my preferred lofts to complete my set.  It works very well to go from PW to 50*, especially the way these clubs “yarded” out.  The 50*  was the surprise of the set because of how good it was.  The gap wedge can always be hit or miss.  Do you like one that matches your irons or your wedges?  This wedge was perfect from 110 anywhere on the course; rough, fairway, or tight lie.  The i-sole offers perfect turf interaction for full shots.  I even hit a few low punches with it that turned out exceptionally well. The 54* is typically my 100 yard club, however the higher spin and launch meant I could only get about 95 yards out of this wedge.  The gapping is actually OK, it just took a few swings to learn this.  Since the 54* was also the i-sole it worked great on full shots.  The 58* wedge worked well from every lie from 80 yards and in.  The c-sole is best used creatively for a variety of shots, but can hit full shots easily too.  I think the combination of spin, loft, etc made these wedges just a touch shorter, but at the end of the day the gapping was good as was the stopping power.

The Honma T//World W21 wedges come stock with a graphite Vizard IB-105 wedge shaft.  It is very stable and has amazing feel.  However it is a touch light for my preference and certainly launches the ball a little higher than the steel options I tend to play. With that being said, the Vizard shaft might be the perfect fit for many golfers looking for a little more feel, loft and spin. They do offer other shafts, so demo a few options to see what fits you best.

Honma T//World W21 58* Wedge Statistics

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 11,002 rpms

 Launch Angle: 57.5*

 Club Head Speed: 75.1 mph

Dispersion: 2.8 yds

 Ball Speed: 78.2 mph

 Total Distance: 78.4 yds

 Carry Distance: 77.0 yds


The Honma names sounds expensive, but these wedges are less than many other OEM wedges on the market so don’t shy away from these high spinning wedges.  If more spin is what you are looking for, then the Honma T//World W21 wedges have got you covered.  They impact maximum RPMs, have great grind options and feel amazing. 

For more information:

Honma T//World W21 Wedges – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Honma is most known for their crazy expensive clubs, but their T//World line of clubs flat out performs. The Honma T//World W21 wedges are proof that their clubs can hang with anyone.

  • 💰 Price $165

  • ✅  Pros Crazy spin, Raised CG, Clean looks, Mulitple grinds, Nice turf interaction

  • ⛔  Cons Shorter carry, Too light stock shaft

  • ⛳  Verdict The Honma T//World W21 might be one of the surprise new wedges on the market. They compete and even beat many of the bigger names out there. Don't be afraid to give them a try if you are looking for more spin.



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