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I had Edison Forged Wedges in the bag for 7 rounds of golf.  They come from the innovative mind of Terry Koehler.  They combine years of research and development into a player friendly wedge.  These were also tested head to head against Vokey SM8 wedges on a Flightscope Xi Tour Launch monitor.

This is the definitive review of the Edison Forged Wedge for 2022.

Whether in person or on TV, you’ve watched Tour pros do amazing things with wedges.  The zip, the accuracy, the creativity, the control; you name it, they’ve got a short game far superior to amateurs.  Yet when most regular golfers go to the store to pick out wedges, they want the same model, grind, finish, etc as the tour pro.  They somehow believe that the wedge will give them all the short game magic that a tour pro has.  Obviously that isn’t how it works (even if we wish it did) so getting a wedge that actually does what regular golfers need is where Terry Koehler started with the design of the Edison Forged Wedge.

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The Edison Forged Wedge is about proper function in the hands of regular golfers.  For most this all starts with the sole.  Too many golfers don’t understand how the sole/bounce/grind of a wedge works in their favor.  The pros have all these cool grinds which are very specific to their swing and course conditions.  Unless you are going to have a warehouse of wedges and then understand how to use each one, you are going to get the most out of your wedge game.  The Koehler Sole has dual bounce which is high bounce in the front and low bounce in the back.  While it sounds too good to be true, I can tell you from first hand experience, it is legit.

The Edison Forged Wedge starts with the sole and then moves to the cavity.  Many wedges you find have the CG in the wrong place.  By design it is simply too low and too close to the hosel.  Terry Koehler isn’t the only designer to recognize this, but he clearly and creatively moved the weight around the perimeter pulling it up and out.  The cavity is still very clean looking and smooth transitions in all directions.  The CG movement means better more consistent results at contact.  It also adds some forgiveness to the head.

Edison Forged Wedges come in odd lofts.  This is unique and interesting to say the least.  This is on purpose because their lofts actually launch the ball lower than the comparable even number loft.  For example my 59* Edision launched lower than my 58* SM8.  This is because of the previous information I shared about the movement of mass in the head.  While lower launch might seem opposite of what amateurs want when they see pros hit the ball way up in the air, but again regular golfers find  better distance averages with lower launch.
I went 49/53/59 in the Edison Forged Wedges to compliment my normal iron lofts and distances.  While the lofts a degree different than normal, and 4* and 6* gapping was different; the results were spot on.  I did the online fitting program through Edison Golf and these are gaps/lofts they suggested.  They fill the 115/100/85 yard slots in my bag.  The 49* wedge is mostly used out of the fairway as a “gap” wedge.  It hit consistently into a tight window.  The launch was similar to a PW but even a smaller circle of dispersion.  The 53* really worked as the next “gap” wedge for me from about 100 yards.  This too has very controlled launch and excellent accuracy.  I was looking at numerous good birdie attempts.  The 59* is the 85 yards and in club.  It cut through the rough exceptionally well and hit touch shots very close to the pin.  I must say my wedge play was very consistent and accurate with these in the bag.

The Edison Forged Wedge offers all the touches of a high end wedge.  The forged head offers a soft and solid feel.  While some of the benefits of a forged head are in the feel; feel translates in confidence.  The more confidence you have in a wedge, the more likely you are to hit it well too. The KBS Tour wedge shaft is a nice weight and tight feel.  The stock Lamkin grip is a nice go-to grip for clubs.  Everything about these wedges say quality. 

Edison Forged wedge 59* Statistics

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 10,135 rpms (SM8 58* 8,996 rpm)

 Launch Angle: 52.1* (SM8 58* 53.2*)

 Club Head Speed: 77.8 mph (SM8 58* 77.9mph)

Dispersion: 2.5 yds (SM8 58* 2.9 yds)

 Ball Speed: 85.6 mph (SM8 58* 84.7)

 Total Distance: 87.2 yds (SM8 58*  88.4 yds)

 Carry Distance: 85.1 yds (SM8 58*  84.6 yds)


The Edison Forged Wedge is perfect for the regular golfer.  Terry Koehler has been designing great wedges for years: Eidelon, Scor and now Edison.  These are clearly his best model to date.  The innovation and creativity to design a wedge for the non-tour pro is the reason these clubs perform so well.  While I might be a single digit handicap, I’m not even close to tour level wedge play.  These however raised the level of my short game to a new height.  So unless you play on Tour, these wedges are for you.

Check the price online here

For more information:  EdisonWedges.com

Edison Forged Wedge – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Terry Koehler has been in the wedge industry for years. The Edison Forged Wedge is his newest creation that addresses the real needs of regular golfers. If you are not on Tour, you should be playing these wedges.

  • 💰 Price $184

  • ✅  Pros Koehler Sole (dual sole), High spin, Consistent lower launch, Accurate, Forgiving, Solid forged feel.

  • ⛔  Cons Not seen on Tour

  • ⛳  Verdict The Edison Forged Wedge is made for regular golfers. You won't see them in camera shots at tour events, but you will have great results with them in your bag. Every feature is about hitting great consistent wedge shots.



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