Best Golf Gloves 2024

Ryan Heiman
Ryan Heiman

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Best Golf Gloves 2024

Our Top 3

Best Overall

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited

Who Should Buy:

Golfers wanting the best golf glove on the market.

Best Budget

Kirkland Golf Gloves

Who Should Buy:

Players wanting an affordable, quality golf glove.

Best Grip

Claw MAX

Who Should buy:

Golfers wanting as much grip as possible.

Our List:

Insights Into Our List:

My name is Ryan Heiman, and I have been testing golf balls, clubs, and accessories since 2011 at Independent Golf Reviews.

Each year, the biggest golf brands send me their newest golf gloves to test and review on the course.

I test each glove for multiple rounds and practice sessions before writing a full, in-depth review for our readers.

This is my current list of recommendations for the Best Golf Gloves 2024 has to offer based on specific categories of golfers.

Each golfer is different and will have different needs based on their game, but I try my best to accommodate every player.

You should be able to conclude this article with a clear choice about which golf glove to buy.

Best Overall

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers wanting the best golf glove on the market
  • Players willing to invest in premium golf gear
  • FootJoy fanatics

Who Should Not Buy

  • Players on a strict budget


I’m here to confirm FootJoy has earned their “#1 Glove in Golf” title with our best overall golf glove pick of the year – the FootJoy Pure Touch Limited.

“Limited” in the name isn’t just to build excitement. Pure Touch uses such premium cuts of leather that they’re only available in select golf shops, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on some to test.

The gloves are immediately comfortable out of the packaging and require zero “breaking in.”

On top of feeling near-luxurious compared to most glove competitors, the Pure Touch Limited has elastic in strategic areas that stretch and breathe with my hands while playing for a better feel for a more extended amount of time.

Best Budget

Kirkland Signature Premium 4 Pack

Who Should Buy

  • Players hoping to save money on their golf glove investments
  • Golfers with a Costco Membership

Who Should Not Buy

  • Players wanting more premium gloves or more size offerings


What if I told you that you could have 4 premium Cabretta leather golf gloves for less than the price of one leading competitor?

Enter the Costco Kirkland Signature Premium 4 Pack, our pick for the best budget golf gloves on the market.

While Costco’s clubs and golf balls get most of the mainstream shine, their gloves blew me away with their fit, durability, and surprisingly premium feel for such a low price.

Arguably loveliest of all, Costco doesn’t overwhelm us with a dozen size options, just standard Small-XL with a size guide that’s much easier to follow than the competition.

If you’re interested in four premium golf gloves for the price of one, look no further than Kirkland Signatures.

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers who deal with sweat problems
  • Players that want as much grip as possible
  • Golfers wanting more durability and longevity out of their gloves

Who Should Not Buy

  • Authentic Leather glove fans


Living and playing most of my golf in the Arizona sun, I’m no stranger to limited grip and slippage – those are problems of my past, thanks to the Claw MAX.

The newly revamped Claw MAX now uses fully synthetic leather and a much tighter construction style that provides the most grip of any glove on our list.

This tighter fit and feel extends to the mesh that lines the fingers, making it extra breathable without ever causing any “loose” feeling in your fingers or palms.

Arguably best of all, these gloves have a silicone-coated palm that made me feel like I could grip the club very lightly without compromising my standard grip. That feeling leads to more consistent ball-striking and better play in every way.

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Best Rain

RainRooster Red Rooster

Red Rooster

Who Should Buy

  • Players wanting the best All Weather golf gloves
  • Golfers needing a pair of rain gloves for the course
  • Those who enjoy long-lasting golf gear

Who Should Not Buy

  • Golfers unwilling to wear “Loud Designs”


Every serious golfer knows the only solution to playing in the rain is excellent all-weather golf gloves, and we’ve found the best option on the market with the Rain Roosters by Red Rooster.

I tested these gloves in the middle of the Arizona winter, where it can get surprisingly wet and cold, and I’ve never been more impressed with all-weather gloves.

Unlike leather gloves, which get slick in the rain and stiff in the cold, the fully synthetic Rain Roosters have silicone grippers that keep their pliable, grippy feel in all conditions.

In my opinion, these gloves shine over competitors by including microfiber materials in their construction that create a soft, reliable connection to the club while providing a little extra warmth for our chilly rounds on the course.

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Editor's Choice

Callaway Weather Spann

Callaway Weather Spann

Who Should Buy

  • Players wanting a mid-tier golf glove with enhanced durability
  • Golfers who like easy-to-find and buy gear
  • Callaway lovers

Who Should Not Buy

  • Players wanting high-end premium golf gloves


Just because you’ve likely seen them at the ‘Golf Department’ in your local grocery store doesn’t mean the Callaway Weather Spanns aren’t worthy of a spot in your golf bag.

I was genuinely impressed with their combo of cutting-edge synthetic materials that mimic cabretta leather and genuine leather sections. This design increased durability without sacrificing that familiar leather feeling while gripping the club.

I won’t pretend they’re as durable as a Claw MAX or Rain Rooster glove, but for their 13$ price tag, they’re near unbeatable in value-cost ratio.

If you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road golf glove option that performs in all weather conditions for an affordable price, the Callaway WeatherSpann is a great pick.

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Fashion Forward Pick


Who Should Buy

  • Golfers wanting a stylish glove option
  • Players who enjoy supporting boutique golf gear companies

Who Should Not Buy

  • Ultra-traditionalist golfers


Do you subscribe to the “Look good – Play good” golfer’s philosophy? If so, your go-to golf glove pick should be from Skins.

Skins creates boutique golf gloves that combine quality Cabretta leather with spandex around the wrist and between the fingers to reduce sweat and improve movement.

Skins has over a dozen stylish designs, unlike every competitor on our list, so you can find the perfect glove to match your look (the Peace and Golf matched my style the best).

I was pleasantly surprised during testing by the Skins’ performance, which is definitely comparable to premium competitors while looking way cooler than anything else on the market.

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What To Consider When Buying Golf Gloves

If you are still trying to decide what to look for when finding the best golf glove for your golf game, this section is for you.

Wear the Correct Golf Glove Size!

FootJoy estimates upwards of 50%+ of golfers are NOT wearing the correct size golf glove.

For reference, here are the factors we look at when making sure we’re wearing the right size glove:

  1. It fits and feels like a “Second Skin” (no excess wiggle room across the palm or in any of the fingertips)
  2. The velcro clasp doesn’t close to 100% (75% closed upon the first wear allows natural stretch from glove use).

If the palm of your glove feels correct but the fingers have excess material/room, go with the “Cadet” version of your glove size (smaller fingers but the same palm size).

Wear the Correct Golf Glove Size!
Do You Have Sweaty Hands or Not

Do You Have Sweaty Hands or Not?

Sweaty hands are the enemy of golfers and harm our ability to grip the club properly.

Too much sweat can even cause us to grip the club too tightly or make it twist in our hands while swinging, creating poor contact and no way to stop it.

If you are a sweatier-handed golfer, consider more breathable/synthetic glove options like Claw MAX or the Callaway Weather Spann. Their materials are more durable towards sweat while reducing sweat with greater breathability.

How Often Do You Play/Practice?

If you’re practicing and playing more than average (6-8+ hours of practice/play per week), having a rotation of golf gloves in your bag would be wise.

Rotating gloves is a great way to slow down wear patterns for more durability while also avoiding compromising grip strength with more worn gloves.

How Often Do You Play/Practice
Budget - Leather vs. Synthetic

Budget - Leather vs. Synthetic

Are you a golfer who’s balling on a budget, or are you willing to invest in more premium materials for your golf gear?

Budget golf gloves are almost always made of Synthetic leather and other materials (besides the Kirkland Signature 4 Pack) because they’re more affordable to produce than full-leather options.

Additionally, full-leather golf gloves show signs of wear much faster than their Synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic gloves last longer and are cheaper than full leather options, but they don’t provide the same feeling while used.

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